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Urban Acupuncture at Kampung Cikini (RW 01 Kelurahan Pegangsaan Jakarta Pusat) is a series of small-scale intervention programs since 2011 to improve the living condition at kampung. The key factor of this program is the intense dialog between designers and the community. The aim of the program is upgrading the dwelling condition at high dense kampung through improving the public space.

After analyses of social, economic and ecological factors for site selection, finally the target for urban acupuncture in 2014 was rehabilitation the existing MCK (common facility for toilet, bathing and washing) and TPS (temporary public garbage collection place). Our program was not only improving the broken MCK and TPS but also transforming this public facility into “MCK Terpadu” or MCK that integrated with community center. We designed the existing single-storey building into a two-storey building through adding the room space for rent at the upper floor. In the future the community will generate income from the rental fees so that they could create endowment fund for maintaining all the public facilities at RT 11. In this project we intend to design and build a media to increase the economic productivity, creativity and entrepreneurship of the low-income community.

The team - consisted of faculty staffs and students of Department Architecture Faculty of Engineering UI, graduate students of Chiba University and Japanese architect, worked in collaboration to achieve the best result on this acupuncture project. We got the opportunity to realize our design by co-funding of Community Service Project CEGS UI Directorate of Research and Community Service or DRPM-UI and Mitsui Corporation, Japan.

The project was done gradually through several stages, borrowing the idea of “Rumah Tumbuh” (Core House). The first stage was rehabilitating and constructing the MCK and the TPS, the second stage is building the skeleton of second-storey’s building, and the third stage will be finishing the whole facilities. We will hand-over the final stage to the community to complete the project in their own. Now the finished MCK and TPS have been already used by the community and ready to be continued for the next stage of the construction process. 

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