Profile Djoko Sihono Gabriel

Name Djoko Sihono Gabriel
Department Teknik Industri
Research Interest Material Value Conservation, Sustainable Manufacturing
Expertise Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing System, Material Value Conservation, Sustainable Manufacturing
Profile :
The first person who introduced "Material Value Conservation" knowledge with plastic packaging as the first evident of the new paradigm phenomenon. In a context of material utilization, resources conservation and in a more specific, material resources conservation exists as an approach of saving natural resources in order to maintain long term supply of materials from its sources. But unfortunately, product designers and producers lack of interest in conserving the material since it used as raw material. Therefore intensive material value degradation in plastic packaging symptom reflected in the status of China and Indonesia as the top sources of plastic waste reaching the oceans in the year of 2010. Material Value Conservation proposed as a new paradigm with ability to maintain material value and will generate broader impact and more benefit if adopted for other type of materials, especially for region with high density population and high consumption rate of conserved products.